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What Is Branch?

Branch is a network of believers — Christians — the BODY OF CHRIST — mobilizing online to meet needs, serve each other, and bring the love of Jesus to the world in the most tangible ways. Nothing else like this exists in the world, so it’s time we get mobilized and get busy with our Father’s business.

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How Does It Work?

Use Your Skills World-Wide

You could help a missionary setup a website to collect donations or give worship team coaching to a new church. You are alive during this time for a reason, and God gifted you specifically for TODAY!

There are people out there who need YOUR skills.

What’s Not to Love?

Ask for Help

If you’re a church or missions organization who needs help, just ask! Someone will find you and get you the answers or help you need.

100% FREE!

Branch operates 100% off of donated time and services. Our members agree that they are GIVING to the Kingdom by serving brothers and sisters in Christ.

Extend Your Reach

Help your neighbors near and far. Leveraging the power of the internet, you can find the biggest need no matter where you are.


We have a built-in rating system to help you work with members who are dedicated to serving you, and it gives everyone an opportunity to grow.

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